Re: 1394 sbp-2 target mode

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On Thu, 2012-02-02 at 10:26 +0000, Chris Boot wrote:


> I've dusted off my code a bit and compile-tested it (only) so far. I 
> thought I'd push what I have into github so you can take an early look 
> while I start setting up my testing rig again.
> The code as it is now is at:
> git://
> I know my locking leaves something to be desired and I'm sure I'm using 
> atomics wrong, and I'm sure you'll tell me a lot more is wrong too! :-) 
> But I'd like to hear all of your comments.
> PS: if you try to actually use it, you have to blacklist the 
> firewire-sbp2 module or bad things will happen as it tries to connect to 
> the target on the local node.

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to mention that I'm quite impressed with the progress being
made in the last weeks to get an SBP-2 firewire target up with

I've looked only briefly at the control plane in sbp_configfs.c so far,
and do not have any objections.  I'll have some more time in the next
weeks to take a closer look at the I/O path, but things look to be on
the right track..

Oh yeah, booting MacOSX off an old Power-book using firewire-sbp-target
is pretty cool and definitely deserves a screenshot + logs in the LIO
wiki!  8-)


P.S: We'd also be happy to add /var/target/fabric/sbp.spec so that sbp
can be used from rtslib scripts and rtsadmin/targetcli if you're
interested.  (jxm CC'ed)

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