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>From the Surface Transportation Board, Washington, D.C.

Surface Transportation Board Commissioner and former Chairman Charles D.
Nottingham announced today that he will not seek a second term on the Board
when his current term expires Dec. 31.

               "It has been a great honor to serve on the Surface
               Transportation Board,'' Nottingham said. "I am deeply
               grateful to President Bush for nominating me and appointing
               me to the position of Chairman. It has been a pleasure
               serving alongside my current and former colleagues on the
               Board: Chairman Elliott, Vice Chairman Mulvey, and former
               Commissioner Doug Buttrey. I owe a special thank you to the
               dedicated men and women of the STB staff; it has been a real
               privilege to work closely with this highly professional and
               dedicated team of public servants."

               Nottingham, the lone Republican on the three-member Board,
               was appointed chairman by President George W. Bush and
               joined the Board on Aug. 14, 2006 following his Senate
               confirmation. He served as STB chairman until March 12,
               2009. During Nottingham's tenure as chairman the Surface
               Transportation Board was ranked first among small federal
               agencies by the Partnership for Public Service and American
               University in their survey of the Best Places to Work in the
               Federal Government. The agency also earned the top rating
               for "Effective Leadership."

               Under Nottingham's leadership, the Board strengthened its
               Rail Customer and Public Assistance Program, established the
               Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee and made it
               easier for small businesses to challenge railroad rates.

               "Chip's leadership and expertise will be missed,'' said STB
               Chairman Daniel R. Elliott III. "I join all Board members
               and employees in wishing him only the best in his future

               Vice Chairman Francis P. Mulvey said: "Chip Nottingham has
               been an invaluable member of the Board since he came in as
               Chairman in 2006.  At times, Chip and I were the only Board
               members, and we always worked cooperatively and productively
               to accomplish the STB's mission.  I will miss his
               intelligence and thoughtful insights.  I wish him all the
               success possible as he embarks on a new career."

               Nottingham will announce a specific departure date at a
               later time. The Board's governing statute permits a Board
               member to serve for up to one year after the end of his or
               her term, until a successor is appointed.

               Nottingham's complete biography can be found at

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