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Surface Transportation Board Announces Decisions

>From the Surface Transportation Board, Washington, D.C.

Prior to the Surface Transportation Board's hearing today, Chairman Roger
Nober announced the results of three Board votes.

First, after evaluating the evidence submitted in the reopened proceeding,
the Board unanimously found that "PPL's" case continued to rely on an
impermissible cross-subsidy and discontinued the proceeding in the case
entitled PPL Montana, LLC v. The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway
Company, STB Docket No. 42054.

Second, the Board voted to approve a 10-year extension of "TTX's" authority
to pool flatcars in the case entitled TTX Company, et al.--Application for
Approval of Pooling of Car Service with Respect to Flatcars, STB Finance
Docket No. 27590 (Sub-No. 3).

Third, the Board unanimously voted to resume the proceeding to consider
Kansas City Southern's proposed acquisition of "Mex-Rail" and "Tex-Mex" in
the case entitled Kansas City Southern--Control--The Kansas City Southern
Railway Company, Gateway Eastern Railway Company, and The Texas Mexican
Railway Company, STB Finance Docket No. 34342.

The decisions in these cases are available for viewing (under
"E-Library/"Decisions & Notices") and downloading via the STB's Web site at
http://www.stb.dot.gov.  Printed copies of the decisions also will be
available for a fee by contacting ASAP Document Solutions, 9332 Annapolis
Rd., Suite 103, Lanham, MD 20706, telephone (301) 577-2600, or via

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