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Surface Transportation Board Announces Public Release of Class I Railroads' "Fall Peak" Service Plans

>From the Surface Transportation Board, Washington, D.C.

Surface Transportation Board Chairman Roger Nober today announced that the
agency has publicly released the Class I railroads' "fall peak" service
plans.  Chairman Nober wrote to the Presidents of each Class I railroad on
June 9 asking them to inform the Board of their plans to meet this fall's
expected increase in demand for rail transportation.

In announcing the public release of these replies, Chairman Nober

"As STB Chairman, I pay close attention to the service the freight
railroads provide to their customers.  In the past year, we have seen
an unprecedented increase in demand for moving freight on the Nation's
rail system, and the railroads are working hard to keep up with this
demand.  I asked the railroads to inform the Board of their fall
peak plans because I am concerned about the increasing service demands
being placed on them.  I am making these responses public today
because it is important for all rail customers to know what they can
expect from the railroads during the upcoming fall peak season.

"The railroads' responses show that they are keenly aware of the increased
demands being placed on them, that they are working to identify potential
service problems, and are bringing on as many resources as possible to meet
any increase in demand.  While I hope these steps are enough to ensure that
customers receive the best rail service possible during the peak season, I
will continue to direct the Board to monitor the situation closely and will
work with both the railroads and their customers to address any issues
brought to my attention."

Chairman Nober's June 9 letter asked each Class I railroad to report to the
STB its plans for meeting the expected increase in demand during the fall
shipping season, known as the "peak season" because demand for rail service
is usually at its highest levels.  Links to the Chairman's letter, as well
as the major railroads' responses arranged alphabetically, are provided in

-Chairman Roger Nober's June 9, 2004 letter
-The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway response
-Canadian National Railway Company response
-Canadian Pacific Railway response
-CSX Transportation Inc. response
-Kansas City Southern Railway response
-Norfolk Southern Corporation response
-Union Pacific Railroad response

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