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Re: I need something like ssh -D, but http proxy, not socks

On 4/11/10 6:31 AM, Ilya Basin wrote:
The SSH protocol itself supports names
resolving on server (PuTTY is the proof), but ssh -D provides only
socks4, which doesn't support names resolving on server.

That's not the case for OpenSSH; it's supported socks5 since 2003 (v3.7 and up) and socks4a since January last year (v5.2 and up). Both of those support resolving names on the server side if the socks client asks for it (eg in Firefox, about:config -> network.proxy.socks_remote_dns=true).

[1] http://anoncvs.mindrot.org/index.cgi/openssh/channels.c?annotate=1.169
[2] http://anoncvs.mindrot.org/index.cgi/openssh/channels.c?annotate=1.280

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