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Re: A question about OpenSSH on shell accounts

On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 06:07:15PM -0400, longordercook@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Most shell accounts come with SSH access, but the advantage of using 
> your own installation is that you can configure it exactly how you want. 
> Does anyone know if you can put your own copy of OpenSSH on a shell 
> account and use that instead?
> (It's OK if it doesn't use a privileged port). Or, failing that, can 
> you have a
> local configuration file that overrides the global one?

If you want control over such things, my suggestion is a virtual 
private server.  I pay $20/month for mine and it's terrific. The 
lowest tier is around $10/mo.  Type "VPS comparison" into your 
favorite search engine.

- Nate Itkin

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