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Re: Chrooted sftp setup accessible with psftp, but not sftp

2009/7/22 Darren Tucker <dtucker@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Connecting with psftp works, here is the sshd log:
>> http://www.bluebottle.net.au/putty-sshd.txt
>> And the client log:
>> http://www.bluebottle.net.au/putty-psftp.txt
> No, it has the same problem with sftp but falls back to using a shell, which
> works:
> Opened channel for session
> Primary command failed; attempting fallback
> Started a shell/command

Out of interest, how is this shell created? The default shell is
/bin/false, and sending a command through with ssh (eg `ssh
user@server ls -l .`) does nothing.

> No, your server config is probably broken:
> subsystem request for sftp
> subsystem: cannot stat /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server: No such file or
> directory
> however since you've trimmed the server logs you've removed the parts that
> would have shown what Match did, so I have no idea what happened.
> Please either post your entire config (or reduce your config to a subset
> that you are willing to post), repeat the test with that config (use sshd -f
> reduced_config if you don't use your real config) and show the entire log.


Now that I know psftp is doing special stuff to get a 'sftp' session
working, is the issue something relating to sftp-server not being in
the chroot? The sshd_config manpage entry for ChrootDirectory seems to
state this isn't neccessary, but I could be misreading.


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