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5.2p1 no longer sets DISPLAY

Hi, I have Solaris 8+ systems with a working OpenSSH 3.9p1 build which
work perfectly. We set X11Forwarding to yes in the config and get
DISPLAY=localhost:10.0 allowing X tunnelling back.

I have just recently built OpenSSH 5.2p1 and installed sshd on some
machines and now the DISPLAY env variable is not set at all. As far as I
can tell, nothing else has changed (account dot files are the same,
client ssh is still 3.9p1 and sshd_config is the same). The only way I
can get DISPLAY to work is to set X11UseLocalhost to no in sshd_config
and then it gets <hostname>:10.0 and works just fine.

I have tried forcing X11DisplayOffset and XAuthLocation (and checked
that it was right). I have tried ssh -X (though that is the default) and
ssh -Y and none of these make any difference. The messages from -vv show
the two calls to xauth followed by "Requesting X11 forwarding with
authentication spoofing" and "channel 0: request x11-req confirm 0" just
the same as the working version.

I can only presume that I have done something wrong with the build but
can't see what. Any ideas please?


Rick Parsons

Bristol, England

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