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using sftpfilecontrol /umask


I've set up an upload-only account on my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server.

(OpenSSH_4.7p1+sftpfilecontrol-v1.2 Debian-8ubuntu3.2sftpfilecontrol)

In order to make the files readable to whom it might concern, I have setgid flags on the upload directory, and have set group ownership etc.

I'd like to force all files to be group readable, and I am trying to use sftpfilecontrol (http://sftpfilecontrol.sourceforge.net/) to manage the umask on a per-user basis. However, I can't get it to work. (As I am running a LTS server, I can not upgrade to openssh 5.#)

Does anyone have experience with managing these kind of setups?

Thanks for your help!

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