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Re: Activity of the $HOME/.kshrc

On Thu, Mar 05, 2009 at 03:35:08PM -0700, Jialing Liang wrote:
> There is no difference in login process for both version's sshd manual:
>  [...]
>            6.   Reads the file ~/.ssh/environment, if it exists, and
> users
>                 are allowed to change their environment.  See the
>                 PermitUserEnvironment option in sshd_config(5).

> The fact is if I do a "real" login (ssh without command), server2 has
> the variable be set:
> Localhost$ ssh server2 echo $LIC_HOST

Here, you can see evidence that it is NOT in fact reading ~/.ssh/environment.
Compare with what I have:

imadev:~/.ssh$ grep Environment /usr/local/etc/sshd_config 
PermitUserEnvironment yes
imadev:~/.ssh$ cat environment 
imadev:~/.ssh$ ssh localhost 'echo $JUBJUB'
wooledg@localhost's password: 

> Localhost$ ssh server2
> $ hostname
> server2
> $ cat $HOME/.kshrc
> LIC_HOST=licserv; export LIC_HOST;
> $ echo $LIC_HOST
> licserv

In this second example, you are running an actual Korn shell, which
reads ~/.kshrc simply because it is a Korn shell -- not because it
was told to by ~/.ssh/environment.  (Actually this depends on the
version of Korn shell.  In ksh88, you must explicitly set ENV; in
ksh93, ENV has a default value of $HOME/.kshrc if you don't set ENV.
But you might also have set ENV=$HOME/.kshrc in your .profile which
you haven't shown.)

So, I still believe you've forgotten to set PermitUserEnvironment to yes.

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