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Re: Re: squid_ldap_auth with SASL/GSSAPI

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"Павел Бычихин" <pavel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4FDC3921.9010803@xxxxxxxxxxxxx...

15.06.2012 20:17, Markus Moeller пишет:
Hi Amos, has only my helper squid_kerb_auth and squid_kerb_ldap which are both availabel in squid 3.2 as negotiate_kerberos_auth authentication helper and kerberos_ldap_group as external acl helper.

So not exactly what was asked for I think.


Amos suggested exactly what i need: squid_kerb_ldap.
In my system (FreeBSD 8.2) SQUID 3.2 is unavailable from ports. In addition, SQUID 3.2 is still beta. For this reason, I did not install SQUID 3.2 and had no idea about kerberos_ldap_group.

Then I suggest you just compile squid 3.2 and copy over the executables as they do not have any dependency to the rest of the squid code.


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