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2 questions about proxy hierarchy

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Happy world ipv6 launch day to everybody. :P

squid/3.1.12, FreeBSD 8.x|9.x

a) why when using ipv6 address, like fd00::316 or, no matter [fd00::316], squid detects that configuration file is corrent, but then I'm immidiately getting "TCP connection to fd00::316/3128 failed", but, in the same time, I CAN telnet to the fd00::316 port 3128 ?

b) more long story. I think I'm just not getting something. From the 2.6 version I always had to use no-query option for parents. That is because the cold squid is always detecting the parent proxy as dead, but the weird thing is, it's still capable of communicating to them. I mean I see udp/3130 packets in tcpdump going both ways, and UDP_HIT/000 UDP_MISS/000 ICP queries from children on parent proxies.
Why is that ?


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