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Identifying POSTs over https

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For a site like that allows you to upload files over HTTPS,
I would like to be able to place an upper limit on the size of the files
that can be uploaded.

Using the HttpFox addon for Firefox, I can see that a whole bunch of GETs
and POSTs get sent by the browser over HTTPS during the file upload process,
with the actual file being sent by one of those POSTs.

The problem is, my ACL based on method POST -- "acl post method POST" --
fails to match any of these POSTs!

I can control POST-based file uploads over *HTTP* just fine by using an
external ACL that checks for the size with the help of a external shell
script. I'd like to be able to do the same for POSTs over HTTPS also.

(I'm using Squid 2.6. )

Could someone please suggest a way?

Many thanks,

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