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Re: clean cache and TCP_SWAPFAIL_MISS?

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On 18/05/2012 08:12, Beto Moreno wrote:

  I'm working on some squid settings, I have follow the instructions to
clean my cache, but once I clean my cache, change the settings I'm
working on and start again my test, the next run and I see this log in
my access.log:


The book say:

Squid found a valid copy of the requested resource but failed to load
it from disk. Squid then
sent the request to the origin server as though it were a cache miss.

I understand that, squid found something...where I  had clean my cache?

Or I need to restart my server?(I had restart squid without issue)

What I want is to run squid with some settings, them get my info,
change my settings, clean my cache and again run the test.

I was thinking that in my next run I will found only TCP_MISS.

Is the right way to start a fresh cache or I need to some else?

Squid 2.7.x, thanks!!!
and how do you clean the cache?


Eliezer Croitoru
IT consulting for Nonprofit organizations
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