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Re: IPv6 error prevents Squid start

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On 18/05/2012 12:56 p.m., Zill, Gregory (OMA-GIS) wrote:
We have several squid hosts promised to deliver quickly to some LATAM sites. These locations started with a yum installed squid and then moved to the for features. I know have another site that is throwing the Ip::Address::GetSockAddr error and squid will not start at all. Is it possible some library or squid dependency may have got updated with "yum update" and upset the apple cart? I appreciate your time. Please advise.

Squid is written to operate on hybrid dual-stack systems (dual stack with v4-mapping abilities). Split-stack and non-mapping dual-stack system support is still incomplete, but should be working in

I will need the backtrace to know where the trouble component is and what it is trying to do with an IPv6 [::] / "*" address.

For now pause the updates cycle and possbly check the system IPv6 settings on the barfing machines are either enabled, or disabled in a way Squid can detect (IPv6 socket() creation disabled).


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From: Zill, Gregory (OMA-GIS)

I get the same error when I revert to Squid

squid[7989]: GetSockAddr: Ip::Address::GetSockAddr : Cannot convert non-IPv4 to IPv4. from [::]

context from line 958 of

Ip::Address::GetSockAddr(struct sockaddr_in&buf) const {
     if ( IsIPv4() ) {
         buf.sin_family = AF_INET;
         buf.sin_port = m_SocketAddr.sin6_port;
         Map6to4( m_SocketAddr.sin6_addr, buf.sin_addr);
     } else {
      debugs(14, DBG_CRITICAL, HERE<<  "Ip::Address::GetSockAddr :
Cannot convert non-IPv4 to IPv4. from "<<  *this );
         memset(&buf,0xFFFFFFFF,sizeof(struct sockaddr_in));

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From: Zill, Gregory (OMA-GIS)

Has anyone seen this error? Should I revert to Please advise.

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From: Zill, Gregory (OMA-GIS)
Sorry for the lack of info:

Linux 32-bit 2.6.32-220.13.1.el6.i686 CentOS 6.2

Squid Cache: Version
configure options:  --enable-ltdl-convenience
- no patching

 From  ifcfg-eth0:

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From: Amos Jeffries
On 11/05/2012 12:14 a.m., Zill, Gregory (OMA-GIS) wrote:
I have some references from a google search, but no actual fix seen. Has anyone overcome this? GetSockAddr: Ip::Address::GetSockAddr : Cannot
convert non-IPv4 to IPv4. from [::]

I appreciate your time.
That is the equivaent of failing to convert between upper and lower case letters 'A' and 'a'. There is absolutely no reason for it to fail.

What Squid is this happening in? what operating system is it built for?
and what has been patched into it?

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