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Re: Squid DNS internal client

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On 10/05/2012 8:24 p.m., anita.sivakuma wrote:
Hi Amos,

Thanks for the reply. I have one question about this mDNS or multicast DNS.

It is the resolution method for *.local host names. It has slightly different requirements than normal domain resolution.

Sorry, I am new to this DNS server concept. So please bear with me.
Based on my understanding, suppose I have a DNS server installed, and it does not have the name resolution for a particular site, I believe it will forward the request to a various DNS servers outside the network. Am I correct?
Now, if I use internal DNS client in squid and specify the DNS nameserver in the squid.conf, will it attempt to forward the request to other DNS servers if it is not found in that particular DNS nameserver or is that part not concerned with Squid ?

Yes that is how DNS works. Squid is the one that creates the first packet and passes it to the nameserver(s) it knows about.

And I believe each DNS server will have its own cache as such. In that case will it be copied on to the Squid's internal IP cache (hash table?) whenever a lookup is resolved? How different is the ipcache in this case from the DNS cache?

No difference. ipcache and fqdncache are the Squid internal caches for DNS record information.

  I see from the Squid start up log that the /etc/hosts is automatically copied to the ipcache table.



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