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Re: tproxy and cache_peer

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On 10.05.2012 03:01, Lucas Diaz wrote:
I have this scenario:
a frontend squid with workers intercepting traffic with
tproxy, and caching in memory small files.
a backend squid parent, serving files from disk.
the two squid comunicate via htcp, and that work pretty well
(although I see very often on the frontend one or few processes with
high cpu usage, while the rest remain low, I don't know if this is a
normal behaviour).

Now I'm trying to use squid or above to get advantage of the
shared memory feat, but I cannot get it working with its parent. If I
use the proxy manual on my browser(the frontend proxy), it works, but
with tproxy, it never fetch the content from its parent.

How do you know that? details required please.


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