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Re: AW: Authentication problem

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On 09.05.2012 01:44, Fuhrmann, Marcel wrote:
Hi Markus,

sorry, but it doesn't work. :-(

- Added this line in squid.conf
- server squid3 reload
- deleted IE cache restarted IE and open the website -> same error.

Err, yeah. Leaving the headers alone only works if one was already playing with erasing them in the first place. If someone else was erasing them in transit you need to kick them about the problems.

Any other ideas?

Finding out what the problem actually is would be a better start.

Image #1 appears to be a login box of some kind. Where is it coming from; the browser software or a web page?

Image #2 appears to be an HTTP login which the browser is refusing to display popup box for. Why is the browser not finding credentials somewhere or showing a popup?


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Hi Marcel,

You have to add a small piece in your config. I think, it should lool
somehow like this:

header_access Authorization allow all

And restart your squid.


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i am using 3.0.STABLE19-1ubuntu0.2 and I have a problem accessing a website.
Normally (without proxy) I am getting this windows to login:

With proxy I get this error (german; but understandable):

Can somebody give me advice?

Thanks a lot!


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