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Re: Strange user name in SQUID log

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Many thanks for advice.
It is now clear that this is a completely SARG's problem.

06.05.2012 1:47, Amos Jeffries написал:
On 6/05/2012 12:53 a.m., Pavel Bychykhin wrote:

My SQUID version is 3.1.19. Recently I noticed very strange log record
(strange user name):

1335604655.033 49 TCP_DENIED/407 481 HEAD
NONE/- text/html

All my users have their accounts in plain ASCII.
It would not be a big problem (such record occurred only once), but
SARG was unable to process this record and does not generate a report.
I wonder, is it a correct log record, or it's a bug?

This looks like the correct log entry for a mangled (attack?) request.
An asian name appears when decoded as Unicode. It was rejected due to
incorrect auth credentials by your system.


Best regards,

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