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Re: anyone knows some info about youtube "range" parameter?

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it seems like if a server (apache,nginx) is responding to a "range" request with the full file the player will get it without any problem despite the "range" request.
so if you do have a current cache with a lot of files you can still use it.

i also got into this nice project:
it's a Fork of the project

and has much more options such as graphs php management menu and some other nice stuff.

the only problem is that it from my testing it works good only on debian\ubuntu.
i was testing it on gentoo and got some problems running it.

it' really a nice project that implements some nice database features.

there was another page that was implementing a store_url_rewrite based on the one in squid wiki

i was thinking of adding a url_rewrite (not store_url_rewrite) that will use a database to get statistics done and in a case of a very popular video to cache the whole video instead of chunks and also to add a "last accessed" for the video so the statistics will be relevant.

also it seems like if you will add to the uri\url some custom parameters such as found in urls "redirect=1" it wont change anything for yt servers about serving the file that matches the basic parameters.

Will update

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IT consulting for Nonprofit organizations
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