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Re: Squid 3.1 + Accel conf + ETag = ignoring ETag

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On 04/27/2012 07:50 PM, Daniele Segato wrote:

I'm experimenting with squid and a service I'm writing.

my service compute ETag and return it along with other Http header

But squid is not sending me the "If-None-Match" header

I have situation where the Last-Modified date doesn't change, the ETag
work in identifying what's a 304 and what's not.
The last modified date check fails there (give 304 when the content has
been actually modified).

So I need squid to give me If-None-Match

is there some config to enable?
Am I doing something wrong?

Apparently I'm hitting bug:

opened since 2007..

I don't see any chance of seen it resolved anytime soon (and I wouldn't be able to upgrade squid to the last version anyway).

so, can you suggest any workaround?


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