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Re: squid + tproxy is not working properly when using url_rewriter and local apache script for youtube caching

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On 19.04.2012 03:27, x-man wrote:
Hello there,

I'm using squid transparent proxy for caching and I have also youtube
caching done with url_rewrite and apache script running on same machine as

It was all working fine, until I decided to go with TPROXY, as it has many
benefits. When I implemented the tproxy rules in iptables, everything
continued to work except the playing of youtube videos - where the
url_rewriter and the apache script come into play.  The url_rewriter
redirects the youtube requests to a local .php script working on the Apache
(on same machine)

I think it has something to do with how squid communicates with the local apache process (where the software for youtube caching works) and somehow the tproxy is screwing this up, because after implementing the tproxy the requests to the Apache are sent with the USER-IP (previous without tproxy, it was with SQUID-IP) and the reply from the apache script probably goes directly the user, instead of returning back through the squid process.

Have you verified that Apache is actually getting the request? Traffic from a globally routable IP to/from localhost is often prohibited by the kernel or even hardware.


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