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problem with loaded server

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i have server which i think it's overloaded 
i checked the TIME_WAIT TCP connection status it's normal and below the limits of the os, and file descriptor is set for high value and no warning in cache.log about the file descriptor, so i think it's memory issue or disk bottleneck, the cache contain 6 hard disk for cache, with 12 cache_dir aufs directory, with 115 GB for each partition my Ram is 26 GB, calculating that for each 1 cached GB i need 32 MB, so this amount of ram is not enough, of course with 2024 cache_mem, as a solution to the problem i disabled four partition, and reduce cache_mem to 1024, the server works find but with low memory in the peak hours it reaches to 400 MB , but no browsing suffering from my client, the problem could be considered a disk bottleneck and when i disabled 4 partition the problem goes ? of i can consider it as a memory issue, i realy can't check page fault in the cachemgr because i don't have the right to install it in working server, of course additionally
 cache.log file show me so many invalid request, does the number of these invalid request slowing the performance of the box, 
when i disabled my cache directory i put # sign after my cache_dir directives, does that mean i cant make these partition back to work, because of fresh object in that partition not exist, and what squid will do if it caches objects in the working cache directory and the same object is exist in the disabled partition, does that effect the performance of squid if partition enabled a gain, i hope i was clear in my explanation,
also i have test squid box, i have two squid installed in the /usr/local/ directory when i start one of them it does not take the squid.conf that exist in it's etc directory so, i must start it with the -f option to force it with the configuration file, what is the cause of these problem please 
thank you with my best regards 

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