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squid transparent proxy - https ssl filtering url

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 I have small problem with configuring squid as transparent filtering
gateway for http/https in my local Network.
I redirected on firewall all http https to my squid host, and http working,
https not . 
I know that problem with ssl is that it have to connect to destination
Server not to squid host, but is there any way to pass connections trough
squid (i do not want intercept, i want fully ssl connection to destination
point, but with filtering urls)?
If i configure   broswer to use .pac scripts it is working (but i not want
that, have many programs hardwere who need connect and can not configure
proxy (and what Reed be able connet in different places)),  without
configuring broswer my redirecting not working , in log for ssl connections
i have  NONE/400 3632 NONE error:invalid-request - NONE/- text/html
I do not want filter https on firewall cause i want authenticate users by
ldap (by the way my firewall CPU is at limit now)
If anyone have have good idea pls share and maybe paste some example


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