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On 21.03.2012 15:04, alexus wrote:
I dont understand maybe someone else can help me understand that...
how is that I allowed this domain in my log I get deny and next line
is miss?!

1332295011.844      0 TCP_DENIED/407 4183 GET - NONE/- text/html
1332295013.395    166 TCP_MISS/302 1552 GET gmbproxy DIRECT/ text/html

That is Authentication happening.

The client and Squid requests credentials "DENIED/407".
Then the client repeats with credentials and gets admitted.

and this is what I have in my squid.conf

acl bk dstdomain
http_access deny !bk

This config snippet is irrelevant by itself ... it denies on URL which are *not* involving the domain which your log snippet is about.


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