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I was trying to cache this website :

How do you cache or rewrite its uRL to static domain! :

Does that URL matches this REGEX EXAMPLE or who can help me match this CDN?

        #generic"ex";, "ext" or "exte"
} elsif (m/^http:\/\/(.*?)(\.[^\.\-]*?\..*?)\/([^\?\&\=]*)\.([\w\d]{2,4})\??.*$/)
       @y = ($1,$2,$3,$4);
       $y[0] =~
       print $x . "storeurl://" . $y[0] . $y[1] . "/" . $y[2] . "." .
$y[3] . "\n";

I also tried to study more about REGULAR EXPRESSIONS but their
examples are only for simple URLS .. I really need to study more about
Complex URL .

Thanks for your help


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