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Re: delay_access url_regex acl

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Amos Jeffries wrote:
On 28/05/11 00:46, Marc Nil wrote:


I am currently facing some troubles will using Squids
feature to manage bandwidth (delay_pools, delay_access, ...)

I would like to apply a 50kbytes/s limitation to each
users and a global 3Mbytes/s limitation.
There is a authentication group (I am working with NTLM
authentication) for which I apply no limit.
Here is the conf :
acl InternetAdmin external InetGroup Internet_Admin

delay_pools 1
delay_class 1 2
delay_parameters 1 3145728/3145728 51200/51200
delay_access 1 allow !InternetAdmin
delay_access 1 deny all

This works fine.

You sure? delay_access does not do external ACL lookups for the auth. There must be a matching http_access test to perform the lookups and cache them first.

Yes the http_access rule is the following :
http_access allow InternetAdmin

Now I want to allow all user to download at normal speed
on some sites.
acl whitelist.no_limit url_regex
"/etc/squid3/etc/whitelist.no_limit" # "/etc/squid3/etc/whitelist.no_limit contains list of sites with no BW limit

delay_pools 1
delay_class 1 2
delay_parameters 1 3145728/3145728 51200/51200
delay_access 1 allow !whitelist.no_limit !InternetAdmin
delay_access 1 deny all

This looks correct for delay_access. Is a bit non-intuitive though.

Try this for easier reading later:
   delay_access 1 deny whitelist.no_limit
   delay_access 1 deny InternetAdmin
   delay_access 1 allow all

I also tested this option (with the sale result) I even removed the InternetAdmin line (still the same result)

Definitely the regex bits then.

If you post the whitelist.no_limit we are able to see if there is
room for improvement.
Usually there is.

As a side note for Amos: I made the URL filter ufdbGuard 70% faster
with a regex optimiser that combines N REs into one large RE composed
of the N original REs with OR logic.  i.e.
The speed increase was measured with overall throughput so the actual
improvement for RE processing must be much higher than 70%.

However with such configuration all sites (even those in
whitelist.no_limit) are limited in bandwidth.

I suspect some error in the regex patterns. Check for patterns that are short and could match anywhere. Post the whitelist here if you want any help with the check.

I don't think there is any possible missmatch with those regex
(I used ""; to test a non-whitelisted url)

cat /etc/squid3/etc/whitelist.no_limit

These are not suitable for regex. If working they will give high speed web access anywhere just by appending "?wwwImicrosoftIcom" to the URL etc.

Being domain names they are better suited for use in a dstdomain ACL.

Alternatively if you added the whitelist to http_access as well it could have screwed with the http_access login lookup. Making login unavailable and always fail at the delay_access check.

Most of the url in the whitelist.no_limit are also whitelisted somewhere in a http_access.

Fine *if* the login http_access is still always being run.


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