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On 06/12/2012 09:11 AM, Marc-André Lureau wrote:

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The ideal solution would be to have support for Opus, I think Marc
and Alon had started to look into that, but that's not done yet :(
No, I didn't. Long time ago I proposed we have celt unstable flag, which
would be completely broken in most cases but would also have made debian
folks happy.

As long as the bitstream is not frozen, we can't use opus, or we will
have the same problems as with celt today.

Sadly, I think debian folks aren't looking at what is really celt051.
We could just have renamed it to "spicelt" and they wouldn't even have
said a word I bet.
What about a client popup "no audio codecs available. audio will be disabled" if/when the detected bandwidth is below some margin, or just completely assuming nothing other than raw PCM is available. Or a warning that the low bandwidth will impact performance and give the user the option to disable audio.

A user trying to "fix" their problem would google "debian spice no audio codec" and presumably come across this thread ;-) and curse at the politics of software development.


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