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usbredir is only supported in the new client based on spice-gtk. It
won't be implemented in old cegui client. The windows port of the new
client with usbredir is ongoing effort, it should be finished in few

You can track its developments here on ML and you can get prerelease of
it (without usbredir IIRC) on .


Rozen Lin píše v Po 11. 06. 2012 v 17:39 +0800:
> Hi, All!
>    Currently it seems the usbredir support has only been implemented in
> the spice-gtk client, right?
>    And this is easy to build Linux client, but rather tough to build the
> Win32 one, for the cross-compiling on the Mingw is very gory especailly
> for the gtk porting, is there any wiki on the building and setting of
> this?
>    Besides, is there any plan to support the usbredir in the common
> client, I mean the linux-xlib client and win32(without gtk) client?
>    Best regards.
>    Rozen Lin.
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