Re: can't connect with virt-viewer on windows

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Thanks. I didn't notice the executable, it works fine with spice://server:port.

But what would be the correct URI for virt-viewer? I looked up the id of the vm, but

virt-viewer.exe --connect qemu://server:port/ id

gave the error "Unable to connect to libvirt with URI qemu://server:port/"

Kind regards

On 10.06.2012 00:05, Marc-André Lureau wrote:

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I downloaded the pre-compiled virt-viewer for windows today (from
but opposed to the windows SPICEc, there is no graphical connection
screen. Unfortunately, there also isn't any example for a valid spice
connection URI. I tried several combinations, e.g.

virt-viewer --connect qemu://server:port/ guestname

virt-viewer uses libvirt to connect to domain graphical console.
as virt-viewer --help suggests, it takes a DOMAIN-NAME|ID|UUID as argument.

remote-viewer is the same client, but doesn't use libvirt, but a URI
instead. A spice URI is just like what you imagined, spice://server:port.
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