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On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 07:06:05PM +0800, Zhou Peng wrote:
> Hi all,
> As we know, 64M is default for qxl ram size.

The default memory is 128MiB, not 64MiB - it's the sum of two 64 MiB
bars, the size of each is settable. There is no help in the man page
that I can find, the best you could do to figure it out would have been
looking at the source :/

The two variables are ram_size and vram_size, for the RAM bar and VRAM

-global qxl-vga.ram_size=size1 -global qxl-vga.vram_size=size2

> But in fact, in my testing, the ram allocated by qxl from qemu is
> larger than 2*64M(There
> seem be primary and secondary qxl_info ).
> My questions are,
> * Is "-global qxl-vga.vram_size=size"  the only cmd option for user to
> set qxl ram (qxl video ram)?
> * If user set "-global qxl-vga.vram_size=size" option, how can we
> calculate the total memory
> requested by qxl from qemu?
> Or "-global qxl-vga.vram_size" is not the only deterministic factor to
> calculate total memory?
> Thanks in advance.
> -- 
> Zhou Peng
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