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On Thu, 2012-05-24 at 07:28 -0400, Yaniv Kaul wrote:
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> > I need to improve the performance of the xf86-video-qxl driver; aka
> > xspice; by a fairly substantial margin.
> What performance characteristic would you like to improve?
> 1. Performance over WAN (high latency and/or low bandwidth) ?
> 2. CPU usage (on the server and/or the client and/or the guest) ?
> 3. Other?
> I suggest trying to figure out what is it that you wish to 'attack' first.
> Some of the decisions taken during the development of Spice certainly did not take into account WAN conditions, for example.
> It was initially mostly concerned with providing physical-like experience, on decent servers and clients over LAN.
Not that we are anything but the tiniest of users but our primary
interest in SPICE is for video over WAN.  In the WAN space, without it,
SPICE seems like just one of many but slower.  With it, you would have a
most compelling case as a WAN VDI protocol.

Of course, I suppose that is what helps set you apart in the LAN
space :)  Still watching the product with great interest - John

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