Re: [PATCH v2 0/7] cleanup self_bitmap handling, visio crashes

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Looks good. Ack series.

On 05/15/2012 01:58 PM, Alon Levy wrote:
  self_bitmap renamed self_bitmap_image and moved to RedDrawable (Yonit)
   - the first two patches are identical to the previous ones.

Alon Levy (6):
   server/red_worker: red_process_drawable: have single point of exit
   server/red_worker/red_process_commands: rename drawable to
     red_drawable (later add a local drawable)
   server/red_worker: rename SpiceImage *self_bitmap to
   server/red_worker/red_handle_self_bitmap: add red_drawable local, one
     extra whitespace line removed
   server/red_worker/put_red_drawable: s/drawable/red_drawable/
   server: move self_bitmap_image to RedDrawable

Yonit Halperin (1):
   server/red_worker: don't release self_bitmap unless refcount is 0

  server/red_parse_qxl.c |    3 +++
  server/red_parse_qxl.h |    1 +
  server/red_worker.c    |   69 ++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------
  3 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)

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