Re: [PATCH] net: filter: Just In Time compiler for sparc

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David Miller wrote:

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller<davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I think I'll commit this to net-next so it's easier to track
any BPF changes we make there.

I hate to nitpick; see below.

+	bl	bpf_slow_path_word_neg
+	 nop
+	.globl	bpf_jit_load_word_positive_offset
+	sub	r_HEADLEN, r_OFF, r_TMP
+	cmp	r_TMP, 3
+	ble	bpf_slow_path_word
+	 add	r_SKB_DATA, r_OFF, r_TMP
+	andcc	r_TMP, 3, %g0
+	bne	load_word_unaligned
+	 nop
+	retl
+	 ld	[r_SKB_DATA + r_OFF], r_A

There is inconsistent spacing in multiple places; a few examples shown above.

KR, Jan
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