Re: OF-related boot crash in 3.3.0-rc3-00188-g3ec1e88

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> > > > Can you please try the following patch?  If it still fails to boot,
> > > > please attach the failing log.  Thank you.
> > > 
> > > It works on E3500! Will try other machines tomorrow.
> > 
> > Once confirmed, I'll push the patch through tip.  It just hides the
> > underlying problem but we should be in no worse shape than before,
> > it's two line change so reproduing the problem again for proper
> > diagnosing isn't difficult, and we're getting a bit late in release
> > cycle already.
> It cured the V210 too but I could not test V100 since it's offline until 
> monday.

Tested V100 too, success!

Meelis Roos (mroos@xxxxxxxx)
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