Re: OF-related boot crash in 3.3.0-rc3-00188-g3ec1e88

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> Meelis, can you please apply the following patch before & after the
> offending commit, boot with "memblock=debug" added as kernel param and
> post the boot log?  The patch will generate some offset warnings after
> the commit but should work fine.

Before the commit (v3.2-rc3-75-g0ee332c): memblock1.gz (attached)
After the commit (v3.2-rc3-76-g7bd0b0f): memblock2.gz (attached)

In addition, a third type of sparc machines breaks in a third way - V210 
and V240 just hang after telling

console [tty0] enabled, bootconsole disabled

and before calibrating the delay loop. Bisect has led to the same commit.

Meelis Roos (mroos@xxxxxxxx)

Attachment: memblock1.gz
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Attachment: memblock2.gz
Description: Binary data

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