Re: [PATCH][resending] SPARC32: forced setting of mode of SUN4M per-cpu timers

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> >>  +#ifdef CONFIG_SMP
> >>  + /* Timer-mode for every per-cpu timer (bit '0' is timer mode) */
> >>  + sbus_writel(0x00000000, &timers_global->timer_config);
> >>  +#endif
> >
> > Does this have to be SMP only - I think not.
> There is no difference of which mode is used in case of UP. If it is timer mode, it doesn't tick because limit is 0. If it is counter mode, it doesn't tick too. And kernel doesn't touch per-cpu timer registers in other way, it has a deal with interrupts only.
> Ok?

In that case just always set the mode.
We prefer minimal ifdefs in the code.

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