Re: longjmp question

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From: Jurij Smakov <jurij@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 18:07:38 +0100

> Assuming that the analysis is correct, and memcpy does receive correct 
> arguments, it might be a bug in __memcpy_ultra3 (which would be very 
> exciting :-). If you are using an UltraSparc III machine as well, and 
> could try it on a different architecture, I would be a very interested 
> in the result.

I reproduced your crash last week on a Niagara3 system, therefore I
don't think it is dependent upon the memcpy implementation.

If you are still convinced it is some memcpy issue :-) I can only
suggest that you check those buffer pointers passed to memcpy, if
(given the size) they overlap at all, that would be a bug.  You can't
use memcpy() for overlapping buffers, one must use memmove() instead.
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