Re: [PATCH 4/4] kernel,debug: SPARC KGDB stub strcpy fix

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David Miller wrote:
> From: Konrad Eisele <konrad@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 14:16:01 +0200
>> It is a gcc optimization. strcpy(p,"string") is converted to memcpy(p,7).
>> I could think of 2 ways:
>> - fix memcpy() so that it returns the dest-pointer instead of 0. (However
>>   there might be a reason that it returns 0 ...
>> - keep the "kernel,debug: SPARC KGDB stub strcpy fix" patch but change the
>>   summary of the patch to:
>>     Works aroung the fact that strcpy with a constant string is
>>     converted to memcpy by gcc and that  memcpy in SPARC returns 0.
>> I'll send the 2 possibilities as a reply in a moment.
> I think memcpy() should be fixed to return the dest pointer.

In that case the patchset would be (I sent them 10/11/2011 02:18 PM):

+ 0001-apbuart-add-polling-callbacks-to-apbuart-driver.patch
+ 0002-apbuart-add-support-for-virtual-KGDB-GRMON-channel.patch
+ 0004-sparc32-return-destination-pointer-on-return-from-me.patch
+ 0005-sparc32-Add-support-for-KGDB-with-SMP-for-leon-and-s.patch

and skip the "0003-kernel-debug-SPARC-KGDB-stub-strcpy-fix.patch"

-- Konrad
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