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ISDN/SIP interworking [ETSI TS 183 036]

Three questions about it:

(a) ISDN/SIP interworking spec [ETSI TS 183 036] proposes that in the Q.931/SIP interworking, some EIs Q.931 are codec to SDP and/or inserted in the SIP body as a PSTN XML element.
Under what criteria, an Q.931 EI should be?:

(1) Coding to SDP

AND / OR  (this is also important)

(2) Inserted in the SIP body as a PSTN XML element


(3) Coding to the URI SIP or and SIP header


(4) None (only interpreted by the AGW, without being carried over SIP)

(b) Why does [ETSI TS 183 036]define the mapping of the IE "User to user" to the SIP header User-to-User [draft-johnston-sipping-cc-uui-09], instead of transporting it over an PSTN XML element? (the IE "User to user" must be transported transparently by the nerwork)

(c) Although as optional, [ETSI TS 183 036]defines the coding to SDP of the "High Layer Characteristics Identification" field of the IE HLC[Q.931].According to Q.931, this EI HLC should be used by the end-to-end terminals, not by the LEs (or AGWs in NGN). Then:
(1) Why this SDP coding?
(2) And why is it optional?



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