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[Sipping] media-policy-dataset: <local-ports>

draft-ietf-sipping-media-policy-dataset defines a <local-ports> restriction which a policy server can use to inform a UA what ports it may use for sending/receiving media.  I'd like to make two changes to the current definition:

1) Allow specifications in which the "start" port is greater than the "end" port.  These specifications permit *no* ports to be used, and hence no sessions are in conformance with the policy.  This is not a useful facility for configured policies, but it makes it possible to to construct the logical AND of two policies that make incompatible restrictions on the local port numbers.

2) Change the merging rule from "the local policy controls" to "the intersection of the two specified ranges".  In practice, we expect only the most local policy to restrict what ports can be used.  But it would help to make the merging process more consistent if it was specified as a "logical AND" of all the specified restrictions.

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