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Re: [Sipping] About offeranswer draft:

Hi Gao,

Thu, 15 Apr 2010 14:32:20 +0800
>Hi Paul and Shinji,
>I guess I can converge my discussion on the point, should UAC refresh the 
>media plane by the real answer? 
>Or, just ignore the real answer, if it has gotten one in one previous 
>unreliable response?

IMO UAC should refresh the current view of a session description
by the real answer.

>And no matter what direction we choose, we should do the evaluation about 
>whether it is violation/correction of RFC3261.

I think, in RFC3261 UAC's behavior is described based on the
premise that UAS never include the different SDP from the answer
into the prior unreliable responcse.
It is absolutely an implicit premise. But it is not bad, I think.

So then we can think that UAC's behavior for the different SDP
is not described in RFC. Therefor it can be BCP and does not
violate RFC.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

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