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Re: [Sipping] Question on draft-ietf-sipping-v6-transition-07

Thanks, that seems to make sense to me.


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> Sent: 05 February 2010 15:03
> To: Elwell, John
> Cc: Vijay K. Gurbani; sipping@xxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [Sipping] Question on draft-ietf-sipping-v6-transition-07
> Elwell, John wrote:
> > Vijay,
> > 
> > Thanks, but I was concerned that a domain name beginning 
> with "." might be wrong; Taking the SIP ABNF as an example 
> (SDP ABNF isn't so precise), we have:
> > 
> > hostname         =  *( domainlabel "." ) toplabel [ "." ] 
> That would in fact be wrong, domain names cannot begin with '.'. In
> addition, I'd recommend against allowing an 'invalid' name 
> that does not
> contain '.', because many systems (including my laptop) are configured
> with default DNS search domains that are searched when names that
> contain only one component are resolved. 'invalid' in my case would
> search in at least two domains for 'invalid.xxx.yyy', which is not
> helpful in the context of this draft.
> Explicitly specifying 'this.is.invalid' or something similar 
> seems to be
> prudent in this case.
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