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Re: [Sipping] Question on draft-ietf-sipping-v6-transition-07

Elwell, John wrote:
" 1. In some cases, especially those dealing with third party call control (see Section 4.2 of [12]), there arises a need to specify the
IPv6 equivalent of the IPv4 unspecified address ( in the SDP
offer.  For this, IPv6 implementations MUST use a domain name within
the .invalid DNS top-level domain instead of using the IPv6
unspecified address (i.e., ::)."

Can somebody recall the reason for this? Both "" and "::" mean
"unspecified" in their respective IP versions.

John: Right; so I went back to my email archives to when
Gonzalo and I had a conversation about this (on April 27, 2006.)

We favored an .invalid over :: because the Application folks had
indicated this to be their preference in the past.  For IPv4, was supported for backwards compatibility, but it appears
that a move to IPv6 can be handled cleanly with using only .invalid
instead of having two alternative solutions.


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