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Re: PRACK: Does non-200 response cease re-transmission ofreliable 18x?


>Is the other scenario raised by Paul below? 

     -> INVITE
>     <- 180rel
>     -> PRACK
>     <- 401
>And are there any other cases?IMO, only prack with new offer could cause this problem. 
A SIP request can be rejected e.g. because the UAS is overloaded.
I don't we can assume that a PRACK will never be rejected, and as long as it may be rejected we need to know how to handle it.

>Also another question: 

>Is the flows below valid according to recent arguments? 

  UAC                  UAS 
>    |----invite(SDP)--->| 
>    |<--- 183(SDP)------| 
>    |-----prack(SDP)--->| 
>    |<--- 200(SDP)------| 
>       flow 1
Assuming the 200 is the PRACK response, yes.
>UAC                  UAS 
>    |----invite-------->| 
>    |<--- 183-----------| 
>    |-----prack(SDP)--->| 
>    |<--- 200(SDP)------| 
>       flow 2 
Not valid. If the INVITE does not contain SDP, a reliable answer must contain SDP. We are currently discussing whether the FIRST reliable response must contain SDP, or whether that rule can be related. But, that is a separate thread.
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