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Re: Alternate CLF syntax proposal

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Adam Roach <adam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In the spirit of "send text," I've put together a straw-man proposal for an easy-to-generate and fast-to-process extensible format for saving SIP log messages:


I quite like this scheme. It is very simple to generate and parse and will be blazingly fast. It would also be very simple to create a utility to generate "human-readable" versions from it which would address that particular concern.

Comments about the format:
- add a version number to the header
- set aside a range of tags for vendor attributes.

A few miscellaneous comments about contents:
- for sent messages: local ip:port used to send the message + transport used + destination ip:port
- for received messages: remote ip:port message was received from + local ip:port + transport used
- it may be a good idea to have a predefined tag which can be used as an index into another diagnostic file. e.g. pointer into a PCAP file or vendor diagnostic log.
- Is there anything we want to jam in here to help debug TCP/TLS issues or is that out of scope?


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