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Re: [Sip] One chart //"UPDATE during Re-INVITE" discussion

Data (like Contact, Session-Expires, and etcetera) that was successfully updated by F3/F4 still apply after F7.  Thus F8 data should reflect (and can attempt to modify) adjustments made during F3/F4.



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Subject: [Sip] One chart //"UPDATE during Re-INVITE" discussion


      UAC                   UAS
       | session established |
       |                     |
       | F1  re-INVITE (SDP) |
       | F2 1xx-rel (SDP)    |
       | F3   UPDATE         |
       |<--------------------| Target refreshing
       | F4 2xx UPT          |
       |                     |
       | F5/6 Cancel/200OK   |
       | F7    487 INV       |
       | F7     ACK          |
       | F8  re-INVITE (SDP) |
       |-------------------->| Using which dialog state

F3/F4 is about target refreshing.

And if UAC sends Cancel UAS sends 487. The first Re-INVITE is discarded.

But if UAC sends another Re-INVITE, which dialog state should it use?

I think is the one refreshed by F3. That's the merit of regarding UPDATE/200OK's atomicity.

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