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Re: The order of policies in file "seapp_context"

On Wed, 2012-07-11 at 13:22 -0700, Haiqing Jiang wrote:
> Hi, all,
> According to the "Precedence Rules" of seapp contexts, the order of
> all the policies should follow:
> #         (1) isSystemServer=true before isSystemServer=false.
> #         (2) Specified user= string before unspecified user= string.
> #         (3) Fixed user= string before user= prefix (i.e. ending in
> *).
> #         (4) Longer user= prefix before shorter user= prefix. 
> #         (5) Specified seinfo= string before unspecified seinfo=
> string.
> #         (6) Specified name= string before unspecified name= string.
> So, I don't think the current order is correct. 
> isSystemServer=true domain=system
> user=system domain=system_app type=system_data_file
> user=nfc domain=nfc type=nfc_data_file
> user=radio domain=radio type=radio_data_file
> user=app_* domain=untrusted_app type=app_data_file levelFromUid=true
> user=app_* seinfo=platform domain=platform_app levelFromUid=true
> user=app_* seinfo=shared domain=shared_app levelFromUid=true
> user=app_* seinfo=media domain=media_app levelFromUid=true
> user=app_* seinfo=release domain=release_app levelFromUid=true
> user=app_* seinfo=release name=com.android.browser domain=browser_app
> levelFromUid=true
> For example, "user=app_* domain=untrusted_app type=app_data_file
> levelFromUid=true" should
> be the last one. And "user=app_* seinfo=release domain=release_app
> levelFromUid=true" should 
> follow behind "user=app_* seinfo=release name=com.android.browser
> domain=browser_app levelFromUid=true".   
> Could you help me to clarify that???? Thanks a lot. 

We don't care about the order of entries within the file; the code sorts
them based on those precedence rules to ensure the best match.  The code
is in external/libselinux/src/android.c, ordered by the
seapp_context_cmp() function.

Stephen Smalley
National Security Agency

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