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Patch for bcrm_patchram_plus [DRAFT]

This is a draft policy patch for SE Android Tuna based devices(Maguro and Toro). 

apply: external_sepolicy.patch to external/sepolicy
apply: device_samsung_tuna.patch to device/samsung/tuna

I am still having issues with the tuna init.rc getting it to restorecon /factory/bluetooth/bt_addr, any help there would be appreciated.

I also am still debating whether or not the rule in tuna/sepolicy.fc

/factory/bluetooth/bt_addr     u:object_r:bluetooth_mac_file:s0

should go to external/sepolicy/file_contexts, do the other device have the same layout, if so can the tuna factory/bluetooth labeling move too?

Thanks for the review!


William C Roberts

Attachment: external_sepolicy.patch
Description: Binary data

Attachment: device_samsung_tuna.patch
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