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Re: libselinux: Provide new labeling backend

Stephen Smalley wrote:
On Mon, 2012-04-09 at 13:32 -0400, Joshua Brindle wrote:
rpcraig wrote:
I have attached a patch which provides a new labeling backend
directed at the Android property service keys.
Does this apply to the main selinux repo or the android repo? It appears to be
the selinux repo but I don't understand what the purpose is since Android uses a
different libselinux at runtime.

The patch is for the main selinux repo; this backend is already part of
the Android libselinux.  I suggested that it would be a good idea to add
it to the upstream libselinux at least to avoid a conflict in the future
with the selabel indices, and possibly with an eye toward an eventual
reunification of the two libselinuxes down the road.

Fair enough.

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